Chinese Kerching - The Dynasty Song Bowl That's Worth Millions


Antiques Road show

Many of us have wiled away a pleasant Sunday afternoon watching The Antiques Road Show and waiting to see that next big, important find. The Antiques Road Show is a UK television series comprising of a group of experts trained in fine art and antiques, who travel to different parts of the country in a search for rare and priceless objects of interest.
Chinese Kerching - the Dynasty Song bowl that's worth millions
Since it was first aired in 1979, thousands have turned up at it's doors hoping their family heirloom is of immense value and the show has turned up some of the most notable items to ever fall into human hands. The show has been so successful that it has encouraged copycat teams in the States and Canada to follow suit. The most highly-priced item to ever be featured on the show was a sculptor piece created by Antony Gormley which was valued at a cool £1,000,000.

Garage and car boot sales

Garage and car boot sales can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Rummaging through old stuff can uncover hidden treasures and there are some tips you can follow if you want to brush up on your antique hunting skills. If you regularly attend a local car boot sale, chances are the traders will be regulars too. They already know the value of their stuff so you should double check their quotes on your smart phone to compare prices on e-bay etc. Check out all the stalls and pay attention to boxes that may be tucked beneath a table. They often contain items that haven't already been valued. Reproductions are ten a penny and a real give-away sign is when a piece of crockery says "Made in China". Yes it was, but probably about ten years ago. Having said all that, occasionally someone stumbles upon something of exceptional value as happened recently at a regular garage sale in New York.
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