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Choose A Doorway And Discover Why It Terrifies You


Which one of these entryways scares you the most? Find out what this reveals about your personality

American writer and lecturer, Joseph Campbell, has penned many inspirational quotes about emotions and experiences. There are two memorable quotes which many people use to motivate themselves into changing their lives - the first is ‘Follow your bliss’ which Campbell wrote to urge individuals to find out what gives them true pleasure and use this to guide their daily lives. The second quote is ‘The cave which you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek’. This means we need to look deep into our fears and understand why we are scared, and then we can begin to overcome them and live life to its fullest. Choose A Doorway And Discover Why It Terrifies You Find out what you truly fear, and what this says about you, by looking at these different entrances and picking the one which scares you the most. The one which fills you with the most dread is the ‘Cave you fear to enter’ and read on to discover what the treasure inside means to you.

1 - The abandoned building

If this picture is the one you fear the most then you have a strong personality, you are self assured and confident. You live your life by a strong set of values and you expect others to do the same. This behaviour may mean, however, that you scare others away if they feel they can’t live up to your standards. You long to make relationships and connections with other people, but find it hard to do so. You want to embrace a more spiritual lifestyle but are not sure how to accomplish this. You need to reveal your vulnerable side, to show those near to you that you are fallible, you do have some weaknesses and you can accept other people’s flaws. Perfection is not the only goal in life; enjoying love and friendship is much more rewarding. Learn to laugh at yourself and try doing something new that you are not good at, just for fun. Take a turn a karaoke even if your voice is terrible, or bake a cake for the charity stall even though your cupcakes come out lopsided. People will respond warmly to your efforts.

2 - The glacial cave

If the ice cave fills you with fear, you are probably looking for emotional warmth and you are hoping to make a lasting relationship or friendship filled with care and affection. Fear of being alone and feeling unloved scares you the most. Humans prefer to be in pairs or family groups so this is a natural fear. You must take steps to form relationships, or to make new friendships if you are already a couple. Join in clubs or societies where you will meet other like-minded people and learn to say ‘yes’ quicker than you say ‘no’. Accept invitations others extend to you, stay to chat a while if someone else initiates a conversation and ask a neighbour how they are when you see them out and about.
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