Choose Beetroot Juice Over Performance-Enhancing Drugs


An alternative to illegal substances

In recent years, there have been more and more stories in the news of how competitive athletes are enhancing their performance using illegal substances. Many great names now have their reputations, lives and careers in tatters after being exposed as drug cheats. Thanks to the increasing powers of technology to detect the presence of illegal substances in the body, athletes who cheat aren’t getting away with it any more because attempts to mask their drug taking don’t work as they used to. It’s a tragedy that many drug-taking athletes don’t realise they’re doing irreparable harm to their bodies by taking unnatural substances.
It’s true that their sporting performances may improve and they’ll go on to win events, but there’s a price to pay. Drugs can lead to future health complications and even death in some cases since the chemicals contained in substances force the human body to do unnatural things and perform in a super-human way. Inevitably this takes its toll. Doping remains a highly controversial subject and it’s not an issue that’s restricted solely to professional athletes either, since amateurs can also get their hands on performance-enhancing drugs through the Internet. They then use them to rise up the ranks in their sport. If only all these drug-taking athletes realised that there are many effective and natural ways to enhance sporting performance. Natural substances can boost muscle mass and increase power without doing any harm to the body. For example, it’s possible to gain many advantages from food alone to reach peak health and fitness and feel a sense of tremendous wellbeing. Beetroot juice is a new phenomenon, which is on everyone’s lips at the moment. This wonder food is rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus and contains many important vitamins and salts. The best ingredient of all is the nitrate content so let’s examine it more closely to see how it can help athletic performance.

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