Chuka Umunna Pulls Out Of Labour Party Leadership Race.

Chuka Umunna is the son of a Nigerian immigrant and has often been described as the English version of Obama. True, this comparison between him and the US president was made by himself, but with the resignation of Ed Miliband, there were many in-the-know that thought that the time was right for him to step up to the mark and put his name forward for the Labour Party's top job. Dramatically, however, this time it is not to be, as Mr Umunna has just removed his name from the list of candidates.Chuka Umunna Pulls Out of Labour Party Leadership Race When Umunna initially said he would try for the job, there were many who installed him as an early favourite. It took him a little less than 72 hours to realise that the ultimate role in his party was not for him. The MP for Streatham in South London who is still only 36 blamed press scrutiny as one of the main reasons for his withdrawal.
There is no doubt that life at such a high level of the political ladder is not an easy one. His post at the moment as shadow business secretary is also not without scrutiny, but it is nothing to what it would be like as prime minister. He has always been a confident speaker, and within hours of announcing he was in the running for the leadership, he insisted that with him at the helm, Labour could win the next election. To do this, he argued that he would appeal to parts of the UK that had never warmed to labour under Miliband.
He has for quite some time, spoken so eloquently about what he could achieve if given the chance. It now seems that rather than committing himself to putting his party firmly back on course, after the Miliband wilderness years; he has chosen to protect himself and family. The level of scrutiny at this level would not only put himself, but his new girlfriend, Alice Sullivan and members of his family too much in the spotlight. In a brief statement, Umunna has issued an apology to all of those who supported his bid. He will carry on in a less conspicuous role, as a member of the Shadow Cabinet.
Despite aids trying to change his mind, Umunna was 100 per cent adamant that he wanted to quit. Whether this will change in the future, we have at least another five years to wait and see. A close friend of his in a statement said that he could tell from Umunna's voice that at least on this decision, he has no regrets.
With his unexpected withdrawal, there are now just four candidates left.

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