Citrus Fruit Peels - How To Get The Best From Your Zest


Window cleaner

Before you bin your citrus fruit peelings, just think what the acidic content can do for cleaning your windows. Lemon is an ingredient commonly found in many cleaning solutions designed for kitchen use. Many bathroom products contain lemon extract. Apart from the freshness that citrus peels can produce, their acidic content can cut right through dirt, grime and grease so they make for excellent cleaning agents which can be used on all household items. If you want to make up a household spray, thoroughly wash out an old spritzer bottle, making sure to get rid of any excess chemicals. Soak the citrus rinds with some baking soda and vinegar. You can add some white wine to the mixture as the alcohol also helps to remove stubborn grimy stains. Leave it to ferment for about two weeks. The end result will be a perfect window-cleaning spray that will brighten glass, giving the surface sparkle and shine.

Citrus deodoriser

Pungent aromas are apt to fill our homes, and nothing smells worse than a pair of old trainers. Simply slipping a small slice of lemon or orange inside the shoe and leaving it to sit for the night can eradicate unpleasant pongs. Similarly, citrus peels can be boiled and then dried and added to pot pourri bundles which can be strategically placed where bad scents form. You can make your own pot pourri bag and place it in a linen basket. Why not toss some shredded peel into your bath for a refreshing bathing experience. Not only will the scent invigorate you but it will clean you and the bath tub at the same time. If you've been working with food items like garlic or onions, crushed lemon peelings rubbed between the hands can get rid of the odour.

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