Coby The Cat - An Internet Star In The Making

They have a certain regal poise about them. The most common of this kind in Britain is the blue-haired breed, which has stunning copper-coloured eyes. They don't need laborious grooming rituals because of their trademark short-hair coats and they're famous for their comical looking Cheshire grin.
Coby the cat - an internet star in the making
Shorthair cats are a joy to have around as they have a mischievous disposition and they don't need to be watched twenty-four hours a day. It shouldn't be any surprise then, when a cat of this nature, with a very unique snow-white coat and piercing ice-blue eyes, grabs our immediate attention.

Meet Coby, the internet sensation

Coby the social media star, is a British shorthair that has amassed more than 279,000 followers on Instagram and an equally huge following on Facebook. He made his début appearance eight months ago, when he was just a kitten. Little is known of his owners who uploaded photos onto Instagram which spawned an outpouring of devoted followers across the globe. Coby's caretakers dressed him in an unusual array of outfits including cute bow-ties, tartan ensembles, decorative jumpers and a host of other photo props to engage online readers.
Coby the cat - an internet star in the making
They even kit him out in a bizarre but hilarious fancy-dress, pirate costume. Still, it was his unique steel-blue eyes against the backdrop of his pure-white fur that captured the hearts of millions. Coby was one year old in March, and said to be enjoying his new-found fame and fortune. Because of his easy-going calm nature, posing for photos in a stripy tie, or sitting alongside a yellow rubber duck, doesn't seem to cause him to be camera shy. However, it's the close-ups of his beautiful round face, with his enormous blue eyes that look like two glassy marbles that continue to attract millions of hits daily.
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