Coby The Cat - An Internet Star In The Making


British shorthair cats

Despite our ability to upload and share practically anything we want on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, most likes still come from photos of animals. Who can resist a photo of a cute puppy, lovable lion, or a group of amusing monkeys? When it comes to heart-tugging emotional stories about animal cruelty, there's no shortfall to choose from. Sadly, our newsfeeds are packed to the gills with stories about how animals are still subject to ill treatment. There's also a never ending stream of campaigns and fund raisers asking us to part with our hard earned cash to save an animal from extinction or cruelty. However, our love of cats reigns supreme, as no other domestic animal can provide hours of video entertainment. Our adoration of cats seems set to increase because we simply can't get enough photos of our furry, four-legged felines. Cat photos have a built-in feel good factor and because of their often comical antics and gregarious nature's, we can't help our trigger-happy fingers downloading another video or pic.
Coby the cat - an internet star in the making
There are many breeds of cat and perhaps this goes in some way towards explaining our fuelled interest. Take the the British shorthair cat for instance. This cat is a well-loved pure bred that resembles the appearance of a fluffy teddy bear. Most cats of this kind are a strange shade of blue although they can come in other colours like chocolate or with tabby stripes. Other variants include the famous Siamese, oriental, exotic and Australian mist types. Cat lovers particularly love their very large eyes, and it's this very specific detail which can give them a humerus and startled look. These cats have a strong independent streak, but are generally good-natured, tranquil, loyal, clever, reserved and affectionate.
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