Color Choice Quiz: Are You A Realist, Idealist, Surrealist, Or Materialist?

What does your perception of color say about your outlook on life? Everyone has their own unique personality, meaning that each of us sees the world from their own unique perspective. Colors are wonderfully evocative; colors can bring back past emotions and experiences, as well as changing our experience 'in the moment'. If you think about it, we all use color to create moods, whether in terms of lighting, clothing and accessories, or the color of car we choose to drive. The specific hues that people prefer are a good indicator of some general aspects of personality.
This easy quiz will tell you whether you are a more of a realist, idealist, surrealist, or materialist. Do you rely on your five senses to tell you the truth about life? Then you may be a realist. Do you see the best in everyone and everything? You may be an idealist. If you are a dreamer, who sees symbolic meanings in everyday things, you might be a surrealist. If your life is about working hard to earn things you enjoy, you may be a materialist. Complete the quiz to find out your personality type and read more about it. The quiz consists of ten multi-colored images. You will be asked to choose which of the four main colors in each image is most dominant in that image. For each picture, write down which color (A, B, C, or D) you are most drawn to, and then click on that color to move onto the next image. If more than one option seems to fit, just choose the color that you find most attractive or attention-grabbing for you personally. Which letter you choose most often reveals whether you are a realist, idealist, surrealist, or materialist.LET'S START >>
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