Coma Crisis - When Sleeping Beauty Reverses Roles

If there is infection present and coma occurs, the success depends on the fast administration of proper drugs and the maintenance of same. Duration of the comas also plays a factor. The longer a patient remains in a coma, the longer the rehabilitation period will be. Some take years to fully recover the use of their basic motor skills, so they have to learn to speak and walk all over again as would a small child. Sadly, there are those too who never recover simply because the damage to the brain is too great. So, when we hear a success story like the one about Matt and Danielle Davis, it sends our hearts soaring.
Coma Crisis - when Sleeping Beauty reverses roles

The dreaded phone call

In July 2010, twenty-two year old Danielle from Georgia, USA had only been married a short time to her beloved husband Matt when she received a phone call to say he was in intensive care having been the victim of a horrendous motorcycle accident. Matt had suffered severe trauma to the brain and was put into a medically induced coma and treated with a mountain of drugs. While Matt remained on a life support machine, Danielle spent time patiently sitting by his side, talking to him and rubbing his hands.
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