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Concrete Connections: The Russian Dream Of The Global Superhighway

Russia is a country which has always been known for its size. Whether referring to the ten time zones which exist within its borders or the massive military projects during the Cold War, bigger is indeed better. A recent proposal by businessman Vladimir Yakunin has once again highlighted this fact. He has envisioned a bold (if not costly) plan to link approximately 80 per cent of the globe with the help of an overland superhighway and railway system. As he is also friends with Vladimir Putin, this dream may very well prove to be much more than simply a challenging idea.

Realistic Ambitions?

The sheer size of this superhighway is seen to be unrivalled in the history of civilisation. If the dream is ever realised, it will certainly be the largest man-made structure on the planet. It is planned to begin at London and subsequently connect to regions including Eastern Europe, Siberia, the Kamchatka Peninsula and potentially even Nome, Alaska. Construction would be aided due to the fact that the Trans-Siberian Railway already exists in Russia itself. Although these are quite lofty dreams, just how realistic would such an intercontinental system truly be?

Logistical Concerns

We should first remember that any superhighway/railway system would require incredible amounts of raw material. Some of the most critical will naturally be steel, concrete and electrical equipment. Even these may be dwarfed by the amount of machinery needed as well as the ultimate price tag. Questions such as which countries would pay for this project and even whether some would allow it at all would obviously need to be addressed. How long would the system take to complete and ultimately, will the taxpayers foot the bill? Such topics are not likely to be ironed out any time soon.
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