Correct Posture For Healthy Living

We all spend many hours sitting in front of our PC or laptop and often, ending one of these sessions and standing up can instantly reveal just how badly we have been sitting while surfing, working or playing. When sitting in an office type chair, your feet should rest firmly on the floor, and your knees should perform a 90° bend. This helps your blood to circulate well, even when you are sitting still. Normally, blood flow and circulation is aided by the flexing of your leg muscles and the pressure of each step on your feet. Your desk should be tall enough that your elbows can rest lightly and effortlessly on the surface. If you need to slouch down or stretch up in order to reach the desk surface you are likely to be building up internal tendon and muscle strain which can cause pain and even result in RSIs (repetitive strain injuries). Your spine should be neutral and resting, neither curving to either side nor straining upwards and your shoulders should be comfortably down and back, without forcing them into an awkward or uncomfortable position.
Driving a car is another activity that we are doing more and more as our busy lives send us further and further afield for work, entertainment and even hobbies. As with using the computer for hours at a time you often only realise the problems with your driving posture when you reach your destination and step out of the vehicle! As a rule, you should generally try to stop and stretch your legs every two hours or so. Obviously, do not try to enforce this rule on the motorway or in any place where you may be endangering yourself. Sitting in the car, your feet should be able to rest easily upon the pedals as well as just next to them. You should not have to stretch out your toes to make contact, and nor should you have to wriggle in order to get your feet into position. Your hands should rest easily on the steering wheel and you should have a full and easy range of motion as regards changing gear, using all the pedals and turning the steering wheel to its fullest extent in either direction. Move the seat back or forwards depending on your needs, and feel free to add an extra cushion underneath you or behind your back if you are particularly small or petite.

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