Covering The Toilet Seat With Paper Is Unhealthy! This Is Why

Toilet paper, on the other hand… it's a heavenly, cozy amusement park, as far as bacteria, viruses and germs are concerned. So by covering the toilet seat in toilet paper, you're not actually creating a barrier that safeguards your skin… you're actually creating a breeding ground that soaks up all the bacteria and germs! And then you're casually and innocently sitting over that breeding ground while you take care of your business. That doesn't sound like such a smart move when you look at things from this perspective, does it?
Read the second part of this article to learn how to do it right! So does that mean you should just sit down in a dirty toilet seat? Absolutely not! But it's much more effective to take a bundle of toilet paper thick enough to wipe the seat without soiling your fingers, making sure to wipe it really dry clean before sitting down. Then just toss away the paper rather than using it to cover the seat. This will do a much better job at protecting your skin than either sitting down absent-mindedly or trying to create a paper barrier that only soaks in the germs.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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