Covering The Toilet Seat With Paper Is Unhealthy! This Is Why

We all know that public toilets can be really nasty sometimes. Well, most of the times, really. Who hasn't experienced the sheer dread of rushing into a public bathroom, only to be faced with a disgusting sight that would make a sewer look clean by comparison?
"Oh, the horror! The Humanity! How can people possibly be so nasty! Do they allow wild animals into this bathroom?"
Such thoughts will race through your mind as you stand there trying to decide whether to run away or somehow deal with it. Often you'll have no choice but to cave in to your bowel pressure, and try to remedy the situation by relying on that old trick: covering the entire toilet seat in toilet paper. In theory this creates a reasonably clean barrier separating your body from the germ fest bellow. In practice, it's not such a wise move as it sounds though…
Why that toilet paper seat barrier is not such a good idea
Here's the thing about germs… You can't see them, but you can tell they're there by the look and smell of a surface. However, this type of evaluation can be extremely misleading, unless you're up to date on a bit of science. Why is that? It depends on the surface! The smooth surface used in toilet seats does not make for a good breeding ground for germs and bacteria. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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