Creating Gorgeous Garden Containers - The Do's And Don'ts


Do's and don'ts

Many of us think of gardening as being a special gift that requires a certain skill. But most plants die from very simple things that we can correct easily. The most common mistake to make with any plant is to over-water it and put it in a place that's not suited to it's temperament. Before plant shopping, spend some time researching your purchases so you choose plants that suit your environment. All plants come with specific instructions so do read them. What works with an annual won't work with a perennial and vice versa. Sunlight, shade and temperature degrees are also very important so be sure to buy plants that suit your garden or home. Another tip is to make sure if re-using an old spray bottle to clean leaves that you wash it thoroughly because even the smallest amount of remaining chemicals can kill a plant instantly. Likewise, plants need little maintenance in some seasons and a lot of tending in others.

Large outdoor containers

It's easy to look after shop-bought containers which house a number of plants, but you can make your own. If done properly they'll add colour, warmth and character to any outdoor space. Synthetic containers are relatively cheap to buy, but they are often sealed at the bottom. Make sure to drill a hole or two in the bottom of it before you do anything as outdoor plants tend to gather much more water from rain. If the excess water is left sitting inside, this will kill the plants. Next, choose plants that match in colour, and add textures that complement each other. Use liquid feed in the summer months and remove dead heads or excess leaves. When choosing your large plant container, consider its colour in relation to the plants you intend to put in. Use as much quality soil/fertiliser to give the plants a secure base.

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