Creating Gorgeous Garden Containers - The Do's And Don'ts


About container plants

When thinking about planning an unusual and attractive garden container display, we usually don't realise the amount of household sundries that can be utilized creatively. Perhaps you haven't been blessed with those all important green fingers and you rush out to the nearest garden centre and buy the first plant that looks pretty. You read the instructions and follow it to the letter but the plant still dies. Usually this a result of over-watering or the plant being placed in the wrong location for its required acclimatisation. Outdoor plants need as much tending as their indoor counterparts so as a rule, much maintenance work is involved. However, with some clever planning, and attention to detail, container plants will blossom time and time again.

Getting creative

Before you buy anything, take a walk around your house, back yard and even your shed if you have one. You might find yourself dismissing all the objects you see as potential plant holders, but think again. If you have an old rusty bike, that has baskets on the front and back you can paint it up and use the baskets as hanging floral displays.
Ceating gorgeous garden containers - the do's and don'ts
Make trellis' out of discarded doors and old bits of unused wood. Bird cages make perfect hanging apparatus for cascading floral arrangement as do old tires, wheelbarrows, beer kegs, shoes, bathtubs and even some toys look cute when stuffed with overflowing buds. Old wine bottles and plastic soda pop containers make perfect plant growing vessels that can be hung from ceiling beams. Take a walk along your local beach front or park and you'll also come across a wide variety of natures free tools to work with; logs that can be hallowed, large shells and unusual rocks and stones.

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