Dachshund Dilemma - One Dog's Battle With Obesity


A sad end

Seven year old Vincent is a Dachshund (Weiner) dog whose elderly owner sadly passed away. The dog was taken into an animal rescue shelter called K-9 angels. The staff there were shocked at Vincent's appearance, particularly his body mass as he weighed an incredible thirty-eight pounds. Apparently this canine had a penchant for fast food and his bad eating habits made him gain the pounds to the point were he was morbidly obese. Vincent was almost incapacitated from the weight gain and his back was sloped under the pressure of pounds. His belly reached the floor and the vet staff reported that the pressure could have easily broken his spine. The average Dachshund should weigh about seventeen pounds and this is why he earned the name 'Fat Vincent.' The veterinary volunteers sure had their hands full when they first took him in but his transformation was a sight for sore eyes.

From fat to fabulous

Vincent spent eight months in the care of the K-9 angels animal rescue centre. The resident vet, Sharon Anderson,went through a check-list of potential health risks which the dog was susceptible to: diabetes, breathing difficulties, cancer and kidney disease.
Dachshund Dilemma - one dog's battle with obesity
She knew the dog would not live long if they didn't intervene immediately so they embarked on a weight loss programme, specifically designed to help Vincent. They made him do water aerobics until he could walk unaided, and they reduced his fat intake at the same time. Now dubbed Skinny Vinnie, the dog weighs a healthy seventeen pounds. It's said that Vincent still craves his old diet of fast food munchies and pines for it whenever he's near a drive-thru. Well, isn't that something we can relate to and sympathize with? Nonetheless, we wish Skinny Vinnie a long, happy healthy life and encourage him to stick with the programme.
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