Dare Bare At 60 Years Of Age? Check Out Yasmina Rossi

Yasmina Rossi is not your stereotypical swimsuit model, but this 60-year-old grandmother is fronting the swimsuit campaign for The Dreslyn Shop and Land of Women, and has a body that could turn women of any age green with envy.

What's Yasmina Rossi Got?

Well, two of Yasmina Rossi's greatest assets are her beautifully toned legs, with pins like these swimsuits will always look pretty good. The images for the ad campaign say it all. Her glowing skin, natural good looks and unusual silver-coloured hair combine to create an unforgettable image of a woman who revels in older age and is not ashamed to flaunt a beautiful body. Yasmina Rossi feels her youthful energies are key to the success she has maintained as a fashion model, combined with a sensible diet plan she's followed for many years now. She feels older women are discouraged from displaying youthful behaviours and feelings and that's the reason so many mature ladies seem to fade into obscurity and old age. Anybody can see that Yasmina Rossi hasn't faded into obscurity at all, and her modelling campaigns are encouragement for any mature woman to take heart and revel in her beauty and femininity.

Secrets to Yasmina Rossi's Beauty

In an era where many models, actresses and famous women try any cosmetic treatments to hold onto their beauty, Yasmina Rossi's flowing, silver hair is almost an anachronism. Yet, this truly beautiful lady makes no real attempt to hide her real age or dye her locks to create a younger appeal. It's not just an older consumer that appreciates such genuine honesty, people of all ages find this lovely fashion model appealing and representative of the timeless beauty that's within the heart and souls of every man and woman. The beautiful model says one of the main secrets to her prolonged energies and popularity in the fashion world is the diet she's followed throughout her life, coupled with ensuring she eats at least one avocado each day.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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