Darren Watts Finds Hope In An Unusual Place


Becky's Father Finds New Hope

It had happened a little over a year ago. Darren Watts' life was in an immediate upheaval as his daughter Becky Watts was murdered seemingly out of nowhere by his stepson Nathan, an attack which was allegedly sexually driven. Following the murderer's trial, Becky's father told news reporters he would "welcome death with open arms." Lately; however, it seems Darren Watts has found a new source of hope to hold onto, having him take on a more optimistic outlook regarding Becky's murder and his own life.

A Bell Connected to Becky's Spirit?

On a wall in their house sits a tiny purple bell which Darren and his wife claim they believe is connected to Becky's spirit in some way or another. They claim the bell was brought to their intention by a rather coincidental and miraculous means, setting forth the chain of events that caused them such heavy investment in the bell in the first place. The purple bell was found in Darren's house by one of his colleagues. A colleague who had never actually set foot in the house to begin with. Nor had she actually seen the bell in person upon discovering its existence.

A Medium Discovers the Bell

After exhibiting behavioral issues at his work, likely due to going back to work while mourning was still taking place, Darren was instructed to speak with Jo Parkes, a human resources representative at his place of work. To Darren's surprise, Jo, instead of scolding Darren or discussing strategies they could implement to make his work life easier for him and his colleagues, bluntly asked if he would like to contact his daughter to find some closure of sorts. She told him of a little purple bell residing within his home, despite having never stepped foot inside up until that point. Lo and behold, the bell was, in fact, in Darren's home.

Darren Had No Prior Knowledge of the Bell

The bell, which Darren had no prior knowledge of, had once belonged to Becky Watts. Darren himself recalls he had never heard any mention of the bell at any point and had never seen it before. Jo, who works as a medium at the church, told Darren to call her over to the house when the bell rings, as Becky's spirit may be responsible for the noise.
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