Deodorising Dishwashers - A Simple Method That Won't Break The Bank


The power of vinegar

Vinegar is an ingredient we keep in our kitchen cupboards. It's a liquid that costs very little and lasts a long time and most of us only use it to douse our salad or sprinkle it over chips. However, what if we told you that this acrid substance can do so much more than flavour food? For starters, vinegar is packed with minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids, and apple cider in particular has a high concentration of potassium which encourages cell renewal and growth. Vinegar is often used to treat cuts, stings and insect bites too because it has antiseptic components and as a natural cleaning agent, it can draw out poison just as well as pharmaceutical creams and ointments. Finally, when it comes to your dishwasher, you might be surprised to learn that it's very effective at eradicating unpleasant aromas from your dishwasher, plus it ensures that the mechanics run smoothly.

What you need to do

Remove all dishes from your appliance. Place 250 mls of pure white vinegar into a small bowl. Put the bowl inside the dishwasher. Turn the dishwasher to a temperature of about sixty degrees and initiate a wash cycle. The vinegar will do several jobs all at once. Nasty smells that emanate from your dishwasher means that food particles are clogging up the drain pipe. Vinegar is able to cut through greasy substances and this makes the machine run much better. Vinegar will also deodorise those unpleasant pongs as it is a natural neutraliser. At the end of the cycle you'll have sparkling clean dishes and glass wear, not to mention a fully maintained machine and if you use this method once a month your dishwasher will perform well at all times.

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