Did I Miss Something? 15 Photos That Deserve A Second Look

1. Put on a false front with this profile photo prank

Nope, these aren't what you you think. We've got to applaud this selfie takers ingenuity, even if that'a a shameless waste of a perfectly good tank top. Let's hope the resultant selfie was just for laughs and not meant as a legitimate profile pic. We're inclined to think the former considering the selfie taker seeming perfectly happy with being snapped by a bathroom buddy in their deceiving pose. A nifty little photo trick that's well worth a laugh, just be prepared to stretch a few vests and tees out in the process.

2. Watch your back, it's the paps!

Nobody's really sure what's going on here, other than sheer voyeurism. These kind of images are a stalwart of pop-up banners and headline spouting sidebars, but the unwitting models of these snaps aren't always happy to be the click bait for thousands of anonymous internet users. Does that person in that random online photo kind of look like you or someone you know? Look again, there's a strong chance it might be. With hundreds of millions of active smartphone users, it's impossible to get away from the glare of a potential photographers and self-styled paps. With video pranksters and opportunists on ever corner, everyone's a potential victim.
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