DID YOU KNOW: Where Your Body Stores The Most Fat Is A Good Indicator Of How To Lose It?

Fat build-up can affect just about every part of your body, and it’s a well-known fact that it’s much easier to put on that is to take off. Fortunately, however, the specific area where the fat has begun to pile up can be used to inform your approach to weight loss; here we outline six areas where the body typically stores excess fat and how best to burn it. If the terms used aren’t clear, you can consult the image below.

1. Entire Upper-Body Area

Far and away the most common form of obesity amongst the general population sees a build-up of fat that tends to affect the whole torso area. If you’ve noticed a little (or perhaps a lot) extra girth in the region between your neck and your waist, it’s most likely what some within the diet/nutrition community have termed “obesity of food”. It’s weight that is very easy to gain, as it starts to pile up simply through excess food (and especially sugar) consumption, but this fortunately also makes it pretty easy to lose. You’re going to want to start limiting your food intake, and trying to hit the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day, and you should start to see some results.

2. The “Paunch”

Another one that isn’t all too uncommon to see, where fat tends to build up in just the area above the waist. Some have coined terms such as “obesity of anxiety” or “nervous stomach” to describe this, a phrase rooted in the belief that this particular accumulation of fat is caused by binge eating comfort food as a response to stress, depression, or worry. Although overcoming the not-insignificant mental strain associated with conditions such as anxiety is never easy, those looking to flatten out this particular part of the body might consider swapping food for light physical activity in times of stress.
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