Discover 10 Amazing Ways Mankind Has Respected The Natural World.


1. Apartments built in between an old tree

Mankind has been cutting and destroying the nature for decades now. But these magnificent creations are also saved and respected in many different parts of the world. In this image, you can see how the old tree is saved as apartments have been constructed around the tree, without disturbing its branches. The builders have chosen to construct apartments on the same spot as this tree, but without having to cut it. The residents of this apartment can show off their tree trunk in their balconies as it has become an interesting and unique feature of the building.

2. Spiral staircase with a tree in the middle

In this image, we see a large tree in the middle of a spiral stair case. People can climb the stairs and enjoy the views of their surroundings without causing any damage to the tree. The spiral wooden stair case goes up all the way to the top, almost the same height as the tree. From what we can make out on the picture, the subject tree is hundreds of years old and it is still standing in a place where it could easily have been cut down for the sake of tourists. But not here, as you can clearly see how much respect humans have paid to their natural world.

3. A treehouse with a difference

In this image, we see a glass structure built in the woods. There is a 40-foot tree in the middle of this see-through glass tower, where visitors can enter and climb up the stairs in order to study all that the tree has to offer, from its bottom part all the way to the top. This is the most innovative way of getting up close and personal with nature through a spiral structure that lets you climb all the way up without damaging the tree or falling off from the top. The designers of this treehouse obviously wanted to create a place where you can sit with your friends and enjoy the greenery.
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