Discover How Coffee Eliminates Dark Circles Under The Eyes


Dark circles under the eyes are a common and distressing skin problem that many people face. These puffy-looking bags are usually caused by fluid build-up or water retention beneath the skin. If you are suffering from dark shadows under your eyes, there is now a substance that can get rid of this skin problem. Find out how coffee will eliminate the appearance of puffy eyes by reading this article now.

Coffee contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that keep the skin soft. This is due to the main substance, caffeine, which shrinks the blood vessels around the eyes and reduces dark circles. When applied topically, the blood vessels that are constricted calm down and the appearance of puffiness reduces.


To use coffee on your skin, it’s best to opt for ground coffee beans and add a little bit of coconut oil to the mixture. No matter what your skin type is, you can use a generous amount under your eyes. Start by mixing the coffee and the coconut oil in a bowl before using the palm of your hand to apply the mixture on the affected areas. Do this in front of a mirror for accuracy, plus you will avoid any spillages this way.

Discover how coffee eliminates dark circles under the eyes

Use the tips of your fingers to gently dab the coffee mixture onto the skin. Be sure not to get any of it in your eyes. Leave the mixture on for at least ten minutes in order for the caffeine and oil to penetrate and absorb into the skin. When it’s time to remove the coffee mixture, simply wipe it off using a wet cloth or tissue. After you have completely removed the entire residue from your skin, apply some lotion under the eyes. This eye treatment can be repeated three of four times a week. It helps minimise inflammation that contributes to dark circles under the eyes. Coffee also helps tone the skin, and when used together with coconut oil, it works as a great moisturiser. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...


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