Discover Top 12 Uses Of Vinegar For Your Health And Kitchen


1. Clean your computer and keep dirt away

Your PC, printer, and other home office machines will work better if they’re kept dust-free and clean. Before you begin with the cleaning, make sure everything is switched off. Mix 50/50 white vinegar with water in a bucket. Use a cloth to dampen in the solution and squeeze out the excess liquid before wiping. It is important not to use a spray bottle for cleaning your computer as the liquid can get inside the circuits. For tight spaces on the keyboard, use cotton buds. To clean your mouse, it’s best to remove the tracking ball if there is one. All you need to do is twist off the cover and remove the ball from underneath before using a damp cloth to wipe away all the excess dirt. For inside the ball chamber of the mouse, use a moistened cotton bud. Let it dry for a few hours before putting the ball back inside the chamber.

2. Repel bugs from your home and garden

Ants can be rather annoying when they find their way inside your house. To deter them, simply spray vinegar around the windows and door frames as well as under your appliances. If you see bugs in your garden, you can repel them by placing a non-poisonous trap that consists of 2 litres of baking soda with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and sugar. For bigger pests, slice up a banana peel and place it in a bottle. Add 1 cup of cold water and mix well. Tie a piece of thread around the top of the bottle and hang it from a tree branch. This trap will soon kill the six-legged pests that come to your garden to feast on the fruits and vegetables. To repel cats from entering your garden, you can sprinkle some vinegar on the area they walk on in order to discourage them from excreting in the soil.

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