Discover What Your Feet Say About You


5 - The Greek Foot

This type of foot is also known as the flame foot and the most distinctive feature is that the second toe is significantly larger than the big toe. People who have a Greek Foot are usually very sporty and creative. Discover What Your Feet Say About You People who have a Greek foot tend to be very enthusiastic and enjoy motivating other people. However, a word of caution: people who have a Greek foot tend to look before they leap, which can lead to stress and problems. Artists and athletes tend to have this type of foot, while the Greek foot could also been seen on public speakers and innovators.

6 - Hard Skin on the Edge of the Heel

This is an indication that the person feels insecure and wants to take steps to change their situation.

7 - Large Toe Pads

Extremely large toe pads are seen as a blessing and this indicates that the person is a deep thinker who likes to consider things very carefully.

8 - Gap Between the Second and Third Toes

Take a close look at your foot and check if there is a gap between your second and third toes. If you see a gap it indicates that you are someone who prefers to keep you emotions separate from anything you are doing. Discover What Your Feet Say About You People who have this gap typically tend to take on jobs where they need to be emotionally detached, such as working as a butcher. This gap also typically indicates that you do not like what you are doing and it is a good idea to reconsider your role in life so that you can be happier.
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