Discover What Your Feet Say About You

For centuries people have been reading palms to discover their destinies. However, it is a lesser known fact that various parts of the foot can reveal interesting things about your personality. So put your best foot forward and learn about the interesting world of foot reading.

1 - The Roman Foot

Discover What Your Feet Say About You This is the most common type of foot and is well proportioned with all the toes being straight. The big toe should be the largest, with each toe descending at a 45 degree angle from the big toe. People who have a Roman foot are well balanced as well as being outgoing a sociable. This person loves discovering new things, especially places and cultures. Successful business people as well as public speakers are likely to have a Roman foot.

2 - Very Long Toes

People who have very long toes are very expressive. They like to talk about everything, especially their feelings and opinions and tend to make excellent public speakers and politicians.

3 - Little Toe on the Side of the Foot

Discover What Your Feet Say About You People who have a little toe slightly on the side of their foot with the nail facing towards the wall tend to be unconventional. They are also rebellious and like to have everything exactly their way.

4 - Narrow Base on the Second Toe

If the second toe has a narrow base that widens as it reaches the top of the toe, you are likely to be a very expressive person. This person is larger than life and tends to amplify everything so that it seems bigger than it really it. when this person is in a good mood it seems as though the world is filled with light. However, if you notice that this person is in a bad mood for any reason it is a good idea to leave them alone until their mood improves.
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