Do Hand And Finger Massages Really Work?

A hand or finger massage can relieve a variety of medical conditions or symptoms of ill health, so says old Chinese therapy number 2687. Okay, so I’m lying about the therapy number, but it is a practise which has been used in China for hundreds of years - and by all accounts very successfully.

A Massage can be very therapeutic:

You don’t have to be suffering any medical conditions, aching bones or muscles to enjoy a relaxing massage. Not so many years ago massage was wholly considered a form of alternative medicine, part of a physiotherapy treatment to improve joint mobility and aid muscle strength - or where certain people went to a seedy backstreet parlour for ‘relief’. Nowadays massage is almost a part of mainstream medicine, and used extensively in doctors surgeries, in sport health management, and in hospitals to aid and speed up the healing process. Many hotels have spa and massage areas. And modern spa centres are becoming increasingly popular for weekend breaks. With highly qualified masseurs they can help the over-stressed relax, while relieving aching bones, joints, and muscles for others. One thing’s for sure, whether its full body, the head, feet, arms or hands, a gentle massage of any sort does relieve stress and help the body relax. In the modern world in which we live, that can only be a good thing.

The Whole Hand:

A greater number of massage therapists than ever before are beginning to extol the virtue of professional hand massaging, and it’s easy to see why. No matter what the type of massage, one of its prime benefits is it helps increase blood flow to those massaged areas. For those involved in occupations which involve constant use of the hands (and fingers), from cleaners continuously handling mops, brushes, dusters, and dishcloths; to bricklayers, plumbers, and those constantly clicking away on a keyboard; without adequate blood-flow in the hands and fingers the job becomes harder. Quite often flexibility reduces and the joints become painful. So, with all that said, what are the added benefits of a finger massage? A massage you can carry out yourself.

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