Do Not Throw Away The Tapes, In A Few Years They Could Be Worth A Fortune

Just in cae you're thinking of having a clear out some time soon, be careful when purging your old VHS collection. It might seem the best idea to start eBaying them off at 50 pence a throw, but you might just be throwing away a fortune.
Would you believe that some VHS tapes could even now be worth a whopping £1,000! It seems that the films that never quite made their way onto DVD are the real money spinners. Dale Lloyd of Viva VHS in the midlands told the Telegraph something rather surprising concerning old VHS tapes. 'A lot of the trailers' he said, 'are extremely sought after and could be lost forever if not preserved.' Yes, it seems that even the trailers could make your VHS collection highly sought after merchandise. He says that the rule of thumb is the more obscure the better, and that horror films are particularly fetching pretty big money even now. The good news is that the value is only going to go up in the future. As an example, the 70s horror title The Beast in Heat will already command a tidy £1,000.
Just remember, when throwing out your old stuff, do not throw away the tapes, in a few years they could be worth a fortune!
You only have to remember what happened with vinyls after CDs took over. David Jinks, an employee of Parcel Hero advises, 'It's time to learn the lesson of vinyl. Many once unloved and discarded original LPs and singles are now worth significant sums, as this month's Record Store Day on April 18 will show.'
A lot of collectors regard VHS to possess that organic warmth that high definition DVDs just can't attain. Films that were released for VHS just don't look right when presented in high-definition, as they were never produced with that level of picture clarity in mind. VHS collector Dan Kinem told Collector's Weekly that, 'These are movies that feel too cleaned-up on DVD and Blu-ray, as if they were never meant to look that good. You can see the mistakes they made and the bad makeup and everything. Watching them on VHS is closer to the old drive-in or Grindhouse theatre, the way the director intended it to look.'
So if you're planning on having a clean out of all your old stuff sometime soon, just exercises a bit of caution before donating all your old VHS tapes to the nearest charity shop or selling them for 50 pence here and there on eBay. If you hang on to them, it could just be that you'll find you'd actually sitting on a goldmine.

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