Do You Have A Cardboard Tube? Don’t Throw It Away: Here's What You Can Do In Just 30 Minutes!

Let’s face it: buying things already made is nice, but think of the satisfaction you can get from making something with your bare hands out of just about any object you can find. Handmade objects have been experiencing a revival in recent years, due in part to craft websites that offer the opportunity to show and sell items made by hand. Some people specialize in knitting and crochet, for example, but put a different spin on it by using plastic grocery bags cut into strips. Others get creative by using things like commonly obtained jars and cans to make special items that they can then sells. Still, others create unique jewellery using buttons and other materials that would otherwise be thrown away, using their imagination to make nearly any style they could desire. Even besides using the do-it-yourself method for projects around the home, there are infinite possibilities to create real pieces of art with your own hands as well as the traditional DIY projects like small furniture and shelves. In short, beginning creative DIY projects using recyclable materials not only provides a certain satisfaction when completed, but it also allows us to make unique pieces at a very low cost - both original and beautiful to look at and show. If you have ever thought of creating something with your hands, perhaps by recycling everyday materials and repurposing them, this article is for you!

What Can We Make?

How about trying to create a real table lamp with thrown away materials and recyclables? It’s not very difficult and can be achieved by even beginners. In about 30 minutes you can complete your very own masterpiece to enjoy. Let’s see what you’ll need.

What You Will Need

1 long cardboard tube, typically used for storing posters, 1 cutter, a roll of adhesive plastic roll with a fancy marble effects, 1 drawing pencil, 1 ruler, 1 power cable, 1 lamp socket, 1 bulb, round ring nuts and screw pin support and a small flat screwdriver.

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