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Does Your Personality Get A Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?

Can our personalities really be defined by something as insignificant as our thumbs? If we are to believe the opinions of experts in the ancient art of palm reading the answer is a clear cut affirmative. If you have reservations regarding the tea-reading, crystal ball soothsayers it might interest you to know that modern day hand analysis is a serious profession and routinely used around the globe. For instance, personal hand writing analysis is randomly examined and critiqued when compiling personality profiles. We all have our own distinctive markings. Criminology departments frequently turn to such modern day data to help solve puzzling cases. Hand analysis is a kind of human jigsaw puzzle that helps put together a general portrait of individual human beings. According to the experts, each finger represents core aspects of our hidden selves. Each digit represents unique and distinct characteristics and none more so than the thumb itself. The thumb is all about self control. About 4% of our brain controls our thumbs so they are worth a little more scrutiny.

The long and the short of it

Generally speaking, your thumb pertains to discipline, willpower and sustainability. If the first part of your thumb joint is longer than the bottom, you're probably a little bit on the compulsive/obsessive side. You tend to abandon everything in pursuit of your passion without putting a lot of thought into the consequences. You have an impulsive nature, which can land you in hot water. Short thumbs usually indicate a reduced capacity to see projects through to fruition. They also indicate impatience and a lack of concentration. Long thumbs tend to indicate the opposite - a high tolerance level when put under pressure. You have the ability to endure and maintain with diligence and determination. Likewise,those whose first and second phalanx of the thumb are of equal measurement, tend to struggle with control issues. You like everything to be done in an orderly fashion. You stick to the tried and tested and believe in following rules.
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