Doki The Dog - A Man's Best Friend, Till The End


Psychic tendencies

Dogs have been renowned to have psychic tendencies and many owners report stories of how they were saved by their canine friend. As dogs are born with a built-in alarm system, they make great protectors of homes and businesses. When it comes to burglars, you may well have the most up to date technology that safeguards your house, but your dog is more likely to alert you to break ins faster than a CCTV. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and can pick up the scent or approach of danger faster than humans. These sixth senses come in very handy if a human is ill, as dogs intuitively seem to know and we've all heard stories of how they can rescue humans from ill fate in the most extraordinary ways.

Loyal to the last

A recent photo uploaded to the internet melted the hearts of nations. Leonardo Valdes was a twenty-three year old man who comes from Concepción, Chile. Leonardo met with misfortune on the street as he was killed as a car ran over him.
Doki the dog - a man's best friend, till the end
The accident was reported immediately and rescue teams soon arrived at the sad scene of carnage. Doki the dog was visibly shaken by the terrible accident and refused to move away from his owner's side. When the rescue team had moved the body they lay a sheet of tarpaulin on the space where the body had been found. Even then, Doki would not leave the site and lay with his head hung in mourning; loyal to the last. Such an unbridled show of devotion and sorrow is a timely reminder to us all to treat our animals with the same respect.
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