Doki The Dog - A Man's Best Friend, Till The End


Do dogs have feelings?

Scientists and philosophers alike have long pondered the existence of emotional responses in animals, and much research has been done to substantiate this claim. Cats have been proven to have intuitive (and even psychic senses) that are inexplicable to the human being. Over the centuries, the humble dog has been hailed as man's best friend because of his unyielding loyalty and affection for his master. There are many stories to be found in books, articles and magazines that bear testimony to a dogs emotional states. Clearly dogs do feel things as we have factual evidence to support this theory. They wag their tails when they are happy, howl when they are afraid, bark when they are angry and they can express their need for affirmative attention in a physical way. Some of the greatest sniffer dogs and guide dogs have appeared smarter than the average human being simply because they adhere to tasks without being distracted by the human condition.

Conditioning and training

Sniffer dogs, and guide dogs become adept at doing their specific job because they are trained to do so. Not every dog is amenable to such tasks as some dogs are born hunters and protectors such as the Collie or the Labrador. Specialist dogs who are employed on the front line in drug control teams, forensic organisations and police force groups are groomed for those jobs from a very young age, and they make a very tight bond with their trainer/owner. Ironically, it is the single purpose of tasks to complete that gives the dog an edge over the human, because it isn't emotionally attached to a suspect, scene or object. It's trained to fetch and seek that which it is rewarded for so in this instance they don't use their emotional intellect. Having said that, there is nothing more heart breaking than the sight of a dog in genuine emotional distress when something happens his beloved owner.
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