Don't Despair If You Suspect A Case Of Woodworm


The treatment job

If you do decide to treat your wood, make sure you put on suitable clothing, as the products sold to eliminate woodworm beetles contain chemical substances (such as pyrethrum, malathion and phoxim) and can be hazardous to human health, never mind your ruining your clothing!
Don't despair if you suspect a case of woodworm
Wear and old pair of jeans and a long-sleeved top and be prepared to wash these immediately after you’ve finished the job. You’re also advised to wear a face mask, goggles and latex gloves and to carry out the treatment in a well-ventilated area. In summary, the products you’ll need for the job are:
  • a suitable woodworm chemical treatment (available from your local DIY store)
  • a clean, empty spray bottle
  • eye protection
  • latex gloves
  • a face mask with active carbon filters.
Woodworm products are often sold in concentrated form and you’ll need to dilute them with water before use. Always make sure you read the label on the product you buy and follow these to the letter when using the chemicals. Once you have prepared your solution, dispense it into the spray bottle, as spraying is the best method for treating the wood. Spray the solution evenly onto the wooden surface and allow it to be completely absorbed. It then needs to be left to dry before it can go back in place. Once you’ve finished the chemical treatment, seal the existing holes in the wood with a wax furniture polish. Keep the item of furniture away from children and pets and cover it up until it is completely dry. This will prevent children and pets coming into contact with the treated item and becoming ill through irritations or even poisoning due to noxious chemicals. While the wood is drying, there’s a risk of inhaling toxic substances, so ensure the area is continuously well-ventilated. Finally, once your item is completely dry, you can breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that you've successfully treated your woodworm problem!

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