Don't Despair If You Suspect A Case Of Woodworm


Identifying your woodworm problem and deciding on treatment options

Getting woodworm in furniture is, unfortunately, a fairly common problem and it can be very upsetting, especially if the infestation is in a favourite item of furniture. You’ll know when you have woodworm in your furniture as the wood will be studded with tiny holes. The woodworm beetle bores these little holes in the wood to lay their eggs, feeding off the wood itself as they go. To get rid of the woodworm completely, you need to get rid of the insects, their eggs and larvae from the wood once and for all. You also need to be aware that woodworm love damp and humid conditions, ideally with a humidity higher than 50% and an average room temperature of at least 22°-23°c. Clearly, these conditions should be avoided if you don’t want woodworm to breed and spread in the first place. If you suspect woodworm, the first step to take is to examine your wood to be sure of your diagnosis and that the wood can be saved. Make sure you’re correct in your assumption that it is indeed woodworm creating the holes in your wood and not some other cause! For woodworm, you will see holes of about 1mm in diameter, which will be round or oval. You may also see evidence of wood tunnels and dust from where the adult beetles have bored into the wood. Sometimes, wood will appear to be crumbling around the edges and you may also see evidence of the beetles themselves (alive and/or dead) and their eggs, which are a whitish colour. Making an assessment of the damage done is essential before treating your wood. If the holes are clean, you have less of a problem than if they are filled with a whitish powder or wax. The latter often mean the damage may be irreversible since the beetle has penetrated into the deeper layers of the wood, disturbing its strength and structure. Your furniture may be beyond saving! So, you need to decide whether to treat the woodworm or simply scrap your item!

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