Double Trouble - How To Naturally Trim That Chin


Chewing gum and Cocoa butter

The neck and chin muscles become loose when they don't get enough exercise, and the elasticity of skin fades as we grow older. Chewing on some sugar-free gum exercises the jaw and neck muscles and this is a great way to tighten up those flabby folds, without gaining weight or ruining your pearly whites.
Double trouble - how to naturally trim that chin
Another way to counteract and prevent double chins from forming is to massage the area regularly with good oils. Cocoa butter is relatively inexpensive to buy and can be substituted with other ingredients like wheat germ or peppermint oil. If you can't manage the massage technique yourself, ask a loved one to gently rub the neck and chin area with these potions in the evening, and leave them on overnight. Even when you do all this, you may still be stuck with a stubborn double-chin. A good old-fashioned facial workout will by far yield the best results.

Chin and neck work-out regime

  • Warm-up - Shift lower jaw from left to right and up and down. This will help relieve tension.
  • The ladle - Open your mouth wide, pull your lower lip inwards and jut your chin forwards. This elongates those droopy folds.
  • Kiss the ceiling - Bend your head backwards, make a motion to blow a kiss to the ceiling. This stretches the whole neck and jaw area.
  • Double trouble - how to naturally trim that chin
  • Tongue to nose - Stick out your tongue. Try to touch your nose with it. This again strengthens and tightens the neck and skin muscles.
  • Resistance- Place your chin on folded fists. Push the chin against it hard to develop taut muscle tone.
  • Triangle of youth - Turn your head sideways as far as you can. Push your lower jaw outwards. Repeat each exercise about five times every day for maximum effect.

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