Double Trouble - How To Naturally Trim That Chin


What causes a double chin?

The double chin is a modern day pest that most of us could do without. For those unlucky enough to have inherited one from the genetic estate, it's a facial faux pas that just has to be accepted. Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to gain excess weight to develop one; you can be as slim as a pin and still have a double chin. Some families are predisposed to double chins due to genetics and as they grow older, it becomes more pronounced. Others may develop sagging neck skin due to age, significant weight-loss, dietary habits and lack of proper exercise. Unfortunately, fatty deposits gather in some areas more than others and the chin and neck area seems to be a safe haven for unsightly and unwanted folds. Double (or treble) chins can redefine the entire shape of a face so what can be done about it?

Cosmetic surgery

There are a wide range of cosmetic procedures available that can reshape a tired chin line. Costs for medical surgeries in this department usually start at about £1,000. You may have suffered from sagging jowls from a very young age, or developed them during your middle years. Either way, that double chin will always appear pronounced in photos and for some a permanent and painful solution is the only way to go. Neck and face lifts are one such option, but they are very invasive leaving scars and possible problems for the future. Chin liposuction is also a choice for those who suffer from turkey neck syndrome but this is also very painful on both chin and pocket. Results vary from person to person and they don't always deliver the picture perfect image we had in mind. Still, there are other natural alternative remedies to the double-chin syndrome so it's worth checking them out first.

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