Dracula's Castle - Myth Or Imagination?


Fact or fiction?

Dracula is a novel penned by renowned Irish author, Bram Stoker. The book is a Gothic horror tale that spans a period of time in the nineteenth century. The story concerns a young English lawyer named Jonathan Harker who travels all the way to "Castle Dracula" in Transylvania. His mission is to transfer property over to the hands of the infamous Count Dracula who resides in the creepy castle quarters. As Harker makes his way to the castle, he's greeted by locals who visibly quiver at the mention of the place.Dracula's castle - myth or imagination? His journey isn't made any more pleasant as he is greeted by the howling of wolves who surround his carriage. On his arrival he meets with the pale and gaunt looking Count, and Harker tries to settle into his new accommodation as best he can. One morning, Harker cuts himself shaving and he's set upon by the count who sinks his teeth into his body and draws blood from him. Harker then finds himself the victim of three other blood-hungry women and he's soon a prisoner of all four demonic entities. The tale continues in much the same bloody vain uncovering the truths about vampires and how hard it is to kill them. Bram Stoker went on to write twelve further novels but Dracula will remain his creative masterpiece and to date is still regarded as one of the biggest selling novels of all time. The book was also made into a movie that enjoyed enormous box office success. Perhaps the brooding darkness and unbelievable attention to descriptive detail found within the pages of Dracula is what captures the hearts and minds of Bram Stoker fans. Perhaps it's just the gory and often violent content, but how much of the story contains truth and did Bram Stoker really dream up Dracula's castle from his imagination only?
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