Dried Fruit: A Powerful Weapon In The Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the most serious and dreaded diseases in the modern world. It's estimated that one in three people will develop a form of cancer at some point in their lives, and while medical science has massively improved the success rate of treating almost all types of cancer, prevention is always better than cure. Dried Fruit: A Powerful Weapon In The Fight Against Cancer The food you eat can have a massive impact on your chances of suffering from cancer, and a balanced diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of coming down with many forms of the disease. What might surprise many people is that dried fruits have been shown to be just as effective against developing cancer as fresh fruit, and in some cases they perform even better. How can this be, when we're always told that fresh is best?

1 - Dried Fruits Are Just As Beneficial - The Proof

Recent research at the Harokopio University in Athens, Greece, concluded that dried fruits have just as many health benefits as the fresh forms of the fruits, and should be given equal importance in a healthy and balanced diet. Dried Fruit: A Powerful Weapon In The Fight Against Cancer It was further found that many dried fruits had extremely concentrated levels of antioxidants, the natural chemical compounds that help protect our body's cells from the damage that left unchecked can lead to cancers of the skin, major organs, throat and many other parts of the body. There was also some evidence that compounds extracted from dried fruits stopped cancer cells from growing, and even killed off malignant cells under laboratory conditions. While research is still being conducted, there seems little doubt that eating dried fruit has to be of benefit as part of a diet aimed at lowering the risk of developing cancer. But which dried fruits are most effective, and which types of cancer are they aimed at preventing?

2 - Strawberries and Throat Cancer

A study in China has provided strong evidence that strawberries can help prevent throat cancer. Dried strawberries in particular were effective as drying them out increased the concentrations of the naturally occurring antioxidants they contain. Dried Fruit: A Powerful Weapon In The Fight Against Cancer In the study, which was conducted by researchers at the Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center, 36 volunteers with pre-cancerous lesions took powdered dried strawberries over a period of 6 months. Of the participants, all of whom were at high risk of developing cancer, 29 showed improvements in the condition of their lesions. In some cases the lesions were reduced in severity from moderate to mild, and in other cases they were so improved that they were no longer given a rating, greatly reducing the risk that they would turn malignant and lead to oesophageal cancer. Dried strawberries are available as a powder from health food shops and can be taken in a milk shake, or whole dried fruits could be mixed into muesli for a delicious cancer-busting breakfast.

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