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Easter Island And Its Mysterious Heads.

The planet Earth, even with its many contradictions, is a truly magnificent place. A world full of cultural contrasts, clashes and continuous meetings that however is constantly changing, and with it the men who inhabit it. At any latitude and longitude, our planet offers such a lot of places, landscapes, unique and unrepeatable elsewhere that it is impossible to categorise. In fact there are many places that often we do not even know the name of, we do not know where they are or that they have history behind them.
Among these places, then, there are many who are always surrounded by an aura of fascination and mystery. Places are sometimes unknown, sometimes difficult to reach or frequented only by professionals who try to reconstruct their history and evolution in search of details that can be examined and reveal new details of what we already know.
In the research studies are archaeologists and scholars, from a theoretical basis, devote systematic investigation of every aspect of that location: area, shape of the land, any buildings or remains of buildings that can testify how man has influenced the place, determining the course of the centuries.
They are often places where civilisation does not live from time immemorial but which retain traces of ancient peoples, which usually bring to light stories fascinating and rich in detail, anecdotes and testimonials from cultures that were. Normally, in these cases there are also space legends and alternative theories in addition to the official history, which is the result of suggestion which may give these places.
One such place is Easter Island, which is located in the Pacific Ocean, that were it not for a particular would probably unknown to most people. To characterise the island and to make it unique in the eyes of all, in fact, are the famous giant heads whose pictures we've all seen at least once.
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