Easy Ways To Stop Hair Loss.

For many people, men and women alike, a full head of healthy hair is their crown and glory. Seeing lustrous, shiny locks can be a sign of vitality, showing that you have a healthy body and mind, and it is therefore more than just about appearance. There can be many causes of hair loss but the main factors are diet, vitamin deficiency, severe stress or illness, pollution and genetics.9 Easy Ways to Stop Hair Loss It is normal for an average person to lose some hair each day as part of the natural cycle, and this number is perhaps surprisingly high at around 100-200 hairs a day. However, around a third of the population do have a higher rate of hair loss than this. To see whether you do have a problem, you can do a simple test. Pinch around 20-30 hairs between your index finger and thumb and pull slowly but firmly. If more than six hairs come out, it could indicate a hair loss problem. Fortunately there are a number of things you can do to get your hair back into shape.

1 - Heat

Heat is a major cause of damage for hair, and nowadays most people use some form of heat styling almost everyday. Hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and other devices are often a double whammy, and frequent use can start to harm the delicate protein fibers that your hair is made of. The first option here is to try to modify your behaviour. 9 Easy Ways to Stop Hair Loss If you always wash your hair in the morning and need it dry and styled before work, you could consider showering when you come home instead as this will give time for your hair to dry naturally. You can always straighten your hair a little in the morning to ease it back into shape, but overall this will help you to use a lot less heat. If you do have to use straighteners, then consider only doing the top layer of your hair. This will give you a smooth and sleek look but also maintain some volume.

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