Eating Disorders - When A Modelling Career Starves You Of Life


One woman's journey

Victoire Macon Dauxerre found her way into the modelling industry at the age of eighteen. The French beauty had long dreamed of walking the catwalks and appearing on the front page of noted fashion magazines. She was discovered and duly signed to a renowned modelling agency, but her dream career soon turned into a never ending nightmare. Victoire, who is now twenty-three years old, recalls her terrible experiences in a new book she has recently penned titled Never Skinny Enough: the Diary of a Top Model. She describes how she was never directly ordered to lose a certain amount of weight. Instead, her employers would instruct her of what clothes she would be modelling. The pieces were a particular size, (32-34) and Victoire, desperate to be successful at her chosen profession, knew quite well, if the clothes didn't fit, her career would be over. It wasn't long before the young beauty developed anorexia in the pursuit of perfection and an ambitious dream.

The road to recovery

Victoire embarked upon a starvation diet in order to fit into tiny, fashion couture pieces. At the peak of her illness, she describes how her daily calorific intake consisted of three apples, and perhaps a piece of fish or chicken once a week.
Eating disorders - when a modelling career starves you of life
Standing at five feet nine inches in height, her weight plummeted to a shocking one hundred and three pounds. Fashion shoots of her frail figure at the time bear testimony to her weakened condition as bones from her neck and collarbone protrude. While the pretty model secured contracts and work in Paris, Milan and New York, her health had become so poor that she felt utterly suicidal. Thankfully, Victoire quit the modelling business when she realised staying alive was much more important than any amount of fame and fortune.
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