Eco-Friendly Water Pumps Without Electricity.

Off grid solutions for pumping water are becoming increasingly popular but it's not new technology.
Water wheel pumps which operate by harnessing power from the energy of the water they are pumping were originally designed by H A Wirtz in the eighteenth century. It's believed that he invented the pump to provide water for a dye works just outside of Zurich. The spiral pumps are now being re-created to provide cheap and sustainable solutions for those wishing to utilise their local resources in areas where electricity is not available.

So, how do they work?

A six foot diameter wheel houses 160ft of 1-1/4inch diameter flexible polyethylene pipe which is wound in a spiral in an upright position and is then fixed onto a horizontal shaft.
When the bottom of the coil is introduced to the flow of water the wheel begins to rotate and the open end of the pipe takes in a small amount of water with each rotation. The alternating sequence of air and water is driven towards the centre of the spiral and this action begins to increase the output pressure of the pump. When a land-fixed pipe is added to the end of the last inner coil the water can be moved to a higher point.
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