Eggshell Extravaganza - 10 Ways To Use Them To Your Advantage


The perfect pesticide

Man-made pesticides are coming in for harsh criticism because they are chemically enhanced. They may very well ward off unwanted pests but they tend to destroy innocent animal, insect and even plant life itself. Our regular use of pesticides comes under fire because the chemicals in the ingredients have caused illness to humans too. These days, any natural alternative is welcome and the common eggshell makes a perfect pesticide option. Keen gardeners claim when crushed and formed into a circle around vulnerable plants, it can deter common slugs and snails from invading. There isn't anything within the eggshell itself that repels them. It's thought the tough exterior of the shell can put them off and some believe the ring resembles a line of slugs so they may think their breeding ground is already taken. Still, it can't do your compost any harm and you'll feel you're doing your bit to save the planet.

Cleaning crockery

Before you toss your eggshell remnants in the kitchen bin, why not grind them up with your regular washing up liquid. They are great for removing stubborn stains like lipstick marks on glassware or stubborn food residue on pots and pans. The shell acts like an defoliant because of their abrasive qualities. Eggshells are not as harsh as shop-bought varieties and can gently remove all manner of stains and sticky substances. If you want to deep-soak a particularly dirty piece of crockery, add some eggshell remnants to the hot water and leave it overnight. The eggshell acts like a pot scrubber but without having to use harsh substances like bleach or other chemically-based solutions. When used with a cleaning sponge they can restore your kitchen wares to pristine condition, giving them extra shine and sheen.

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