Eggshell Extravaganza - 10 Ways To Use Them To Your Advantage


Eggshell fertilizer

Most of us bin our eggshells without giving it a second thought, but did you know you can use them for a variety of purposes around the garden and home? Eggshells are full of calcium and some believe in consuming them as a dietary supplement. However, because they are rich in calcium, they make a perfect fertilizer when blended with soil. The shell is similar to lime so has the same effects on plant life as they counteract the acidity levels present in regular soil. They work especially well on tomato plants, and seasoned gardeners claim they stave off common diseases that cause brown spots or blossom rot. The shells should be thoroughly cleaned as eggs can carry the Salmonella virus. Storing them in a dry place until there's enough to mix with compost is highly recommended as it will give strength to struggling plants and provide a vital food source.

Eggshell planters

Eggshells are biodegradable so when you put them back in the ground they blend with soil. This makes them perfect little containers for very small seedlings that need an extra bit of attention in the first stages of budding. Garden enthusiasts usually start early, by preparing their seedlings during the winter months. There are specific seedling trays that can be purchased in garden centres, but the eggshell cup shape makes an ideal starting point. Simply place your seedlings in some soil in the bottom half of an eggshell. Then you can pop them back in the egg carton, saving you the expense of a tray. The beauty about these babies is they can then be directly planted in the soil when the Spring rolls around. The eggshell will strengthen its chances of survival while providing food for growth.

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