Eight Garden Hacks To Get Your Green Fingers Going


1 Muffin tin magic

Here's a clever idea that will save you time and money when it comes to planning a small plot in the garden. The common muffin tin used for baking cakes makes a perfect grid. Simply press the muffin tin into the earth and it will leave perfectly sized dents where you can then plant seeds. Because the indents are all shaped the same, this will give that symmetrical perfection, that you only usually see when a garden has been landscaped by a professional.

2 Glass bottle border

Glass bottles usually end up in the local recycle bin, but they are so versatile when used creatively around the house and garden. If you've got some particularly pretty ones, try using them along the side of your garden pathway. This gives the pathway definition and is a cheap and fun way to spruce up a dull and tired outdoor area.

3 Create colourful garden markers

Garden markers can be made out of many recyclable substances but old metal spoons really do look so pretty when slipped beside a plant. Simply get a hammer and flatten the spoons until they are straight. You can add your own personal touch by painting them or decorating them with other bits and pieces like shells, crystals and labels. If you don't have metal spoons, plastic ones are just as good.

4 A unique way to water your plants

Some wine bottles make great garden accessories. They can be used as candle holders to set a tone but they also make great watering devices. Simply fill your empty wine bottle full of water and stick the open end deep into the compost. This will maintain your precious plants ensuring they remain hydrated. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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