Elsa (Frozen) Cake 2D Tutorial

Most children love Elsa from Frozen, and making an Elsa cake is the perfect way to surprise your child on their birthday. In this tutorial we will show you the technique to make a stunning 2D plate from sugar paste, which is a very elegant and effective way to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes. In this case you will see how to make the portrait of Elsa from Frozen in sugar paste.
What You Will Need:
  • Sugar Paste
  • Food Colouring
  • Paper and a pencil for the design
  • Edible glue or gelatine
  • Blue and white sugar
  • A scalpel or sharp pin
Here's how to make Elsa from Frozen in sugar paste, with a plate in 2D:Elsa (Frozen) Cake 2D Tutorial First, you need to create the base on which to attach different parts of the portrait of Elsa. Start by stretching the sugar dough very thinly, so that it is just a couple of millimetres thick. This will form the base of your design and all the other parts will be created separately and then attached to this solid foundation.
Next, you need to trace the outline of your Elsa design on paper. Carefully cut around the outline of your drawing and then rest the sheet of paper lightly on the sugar paste and with a pointed tool or the tip of a skewer carefully cut around the edges of the face of Elsa so that the image is formed on the sugar paste. Alternatively, if you have a very steady hand you can choose to draw the outline of the drawing directly onto your base with scalpel or a sharp pin. Elsa (Frozen) Cake 2D Tutorial Now it is time to remove the paper and use a scalpel or a knife to cut the sugar dough sugar along the edges. Roll out the sugar paste in flesh colour. You can create a flesh coloured tone from white sugar paste by adding a pinch of brown and peach colouring. Position this flesh coloured sugar paste over the design and, just like before, carve the edges and details of the face of Elsa to create the iconic look that will be instantly recognisable.

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