Excess Earwax- Six Homemade Cleaning Solutions


6. Baby oil

Baby oil is in fact a mineral oil usually distilled from petroleum or liquid paraffin. It's relatively inexpensive to mass-produce and can be purchased at any chemist, drugstore or supermarket. It doesn't have any scent, colour or abrasive properties and is therefor ideal for loosening up excess earwax. If you happen to have an old ear-dropper handy, tilt your head so that it is facing upwards towards the ceiling and lodge a few drops of oil inside. If you don't have a dropper, use a piece of cotton wool instead. Soak it in the oil and squeeze it into the ear. You can cover the ear while the oil gets to work, or simply massage the back of the ear to make sure it sinks in. Allow the excess oil to filter out. Using a syringe, transfer some lukewarm water to the ear canal by leaning it in the natural opening at the bottom. Dry off with a clean paper towel.

5. Salt water

Salt water is an excellent way to dislodge impacted earwax. Saline, like baby oil, is cheap and easy to use on many common ailments. To make a saline solution, simply dissolve one teaspoon of salt in half a cup of tepid water. Thoroughly soak a cotton wool ball in the liquid. As before, tilt the clogged ear sideways and squeeze the solution into the ear. Give it about five minutes to penetrate the wax. Turn your head in the opposite direction to release the water and excess wax. Wipe the outer rim of the ear with a cloth or a swab of dry, clean cotton wool. Repeat if necessary. Don't be tempted to poke your ear with a cotton wool bud, it can be dangerous and also pushes wax further down and not out. Repeated applications of salt water solutions on a daily basis can solve the problem of impacted earwax build-up.

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