Exercise Your Eyes To Keep Them Healthy And Improve Vision.

We can never underestimate our vision although we do tend to take it for granted. It's a part of the body we don't really consider much – especially in terms of looking after them. But we should:

Eyes need exercise

Every sensible person takes some form of exercise, whether at the gym or simply by incorporating it into their daily activities. We're aware of the need to exercise our body in order to keep ourselves healthy. But when do we ever think about exercising our eyes? It simply doesn't occur to us. Yet our eyes work hard all day, and we place an even heavier burden on them by staring at computers or smartphones all day long. All this is going to cause a lot of eye strain - yet we take our eyes for granted and don't think about giving them a rest away from bright screens. How do you even exercise your eyes? you may wonder. Don't forget this - eye movement is controlled by muscles, and every muscle needs a workout to stay healthy!

Improving your eyesight

But not only will eye exercises help keep them healthy and avoid strain, it can have another bonus: improving your vision. Some people believe that if you do this as a regular routine, you may even be able to avoid the need for glasses. Eye doctors deny that this can be effective, but given that they have a vested interest in selling corrective equipment, some might say that "they would say that, wouldn't they!" But it's certainly worth trying it for yourself and seeing if it helps. Probably the wisest course of action is to be wary of programs that make extravagant claims about vision improvement - at a price - and stick to some simple exercises that are freely available. For instance, there are plenty of tutorials to be found on YouTube, such as these yoga exercises or this short animated tutorial. Indian Head Massage also includes some techniques that work to relax the eyes.

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