Exploring The Amazing Uses Of Salt In The House

Since the medieval times, people have been using salt for cleaning purposes in their homes. With its not-toxic properties, salt (sodium chloride) has been used to help clean and disinfect items in homes for ages. Although salt was regarded as a precious commodity many decades ago, today you can buy a packet cheaply at any shop near you. This means you should not miss exploring the benefits that come with using this product within our homes to make cleaning an easier job. Below are some of the ways in which salt has proved effective in cleaning and you can borrow one or two to make your home a better place without necessarily buying expensive detergents.
Keep ants away
If you are having a major problem keeping ants away from your food storage cabinets or windows, you should remember that salt is a perfect tool to keep the small creatures away. If the ants have become too annoying and you want to use a simple method to eliminate them, just place some salt on the window sills or whatever surface they have attacked. As is commonly known, salt also reduces humidity levels within the home when applied in that manner. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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