Facebook Frenzy - When A Strong Mom Takes A Stand


Family outing

Jaime recently took to Facebook to share with her followers how she had taken her children on a family outing to the ice-cream parlour Dairy Queen. As a mother who is determined to raise her children with manners, she felt it was important to share her experience at the venue. The story goes her children ordered their preferred flavours and then waited for the seventeen year old assistant to make up the ice-creams. When they were ready the young girl gave the ice-creams to the children while Jaime looked on. She waited for the children to say thank you to the assistant but the children didn't even make eye contact with her. Jaime was horrified that her own children could be so disrespectful to an employee whose job is just as important as any other job. They duly existed Dairy Queen but that's when Jaime decided to take matters into her own hands.

Taking action

Once the family were safely outside the ice-cream parlour, Jaime began to consider her responsibility as a mother to teach her children respect and manners. Without hesitating she decided she had to teach them a lesson they would never forget. She then took the three ice-cream cones from her children's hands and promptly threatened to dispose of them in a nearby trash can. She could see the look of fear and bewilderment in their expressions so she quickly explained that how they had behaved was unacceptable. She told them one day, they too could be working in a similar job and how important it is to look people directly in the eye and to publicly thank them when it is appropriate.
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